Praise for Aftermath, Inc.

“A crime classic.”
Jason Kersten, author of Journal of the Dead

“An interesting, quick-moving book that gives the reader a true glimpse into the world of murder and mayhem.”
Stephen McCaskill, CSB: Crime Scene Blog

“Violence on steroids...a funny and oddly soothing guide to Aftermath, Inc., a company that cleans up the gore at crime scenes after the police have finished with them.”
Anne Stephenson, Arizona Republic

“...Utterly absorbing and interesting. A unique look at investigations and what happens after. It proves that truth really is stranger than fiction... While I wouldn’t want to do what Reavill did, I sure was fascinated reading about it.”
Jon Jordan, Crime Spree magazine

“...a fascinating read... Gil Reavill leaves no gory detail untold, no victim or clean-up technician unprofiled, and he does it all with a certain morbid flair."
Jessa Crispin, Bookslut

“I enjoyed this book... Believe it or not, it occasionally made me laugh. If you’re curious-but-not-dainty, a true-crime fan, or if you believe that TV is a real representation of life, Aftermath, Inc. is a book you’ll be dying to read.”
Terri Schlichenmeyer, syndicated newspaper book review

"When Aftermath concentrates on pure reporting, it is gold. Reavill is a self-deprecating narrator.... His descriptions stem from a sharp eye for the smallest detail...Reavill's reportage and curious nature allow for an emotional heft....When CSI goes home, much of the real work begins, and Reavill's ability to show just how far-reaching and important this work is makes Aftermath, Inc. a fascinating read."
Sarah Weinman, Philadelphia Enquirer

“A deeply thoughtful and well-crafted meditation on the meaning of the messiness of life when it is viewed through the lens of the messiness of death...Reavill writes about crime scenes with a staggering depth of interest that outshines the rote formulaism of the contrived crime shows. Reavill’s passionate interest in literature, music, history, philosophy, biology—all things human—informs his approach to coping with the horrifying messes and tragedies he confronts throughout the book. Most importantly, Reavill is a deft storyteller... Highly recommended read, but not during lunch.”
D.A. Kolodenko, San Diego CityBeat