Aftermath Ink

Reactions are coming in from the folks to whom Gotham Books sent galley proofs of Aftermath, Inc. Check it out:

Luc Sante, author of LOW LIFE
Gil Reavill's Aftermath, Inc. is at once sprightly, grave, morbidly fascinating and conducive to contemplation. It is about the wide consequences of crime and it is also, vividly, about what people will do to earn a living.

Kathy Reichs, practicing forensic anthropologist, author of BREAK NO BONES, producer and creator of the Dr. Temperance Brennan character featured on the hit TV series "Bones"
Stimulating and brainy, Aftermath, Inc. amounts to a thinking-person's guide to scenes that are either hidden from sight or slashed across news screens. A fascinating and entertaining book.

Kim Wozencraft, author of THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE
The first suicide case I worked as a cop took place in a kitchen. There was blood everywhere, bits of skull and brain matter splattered on the walls. As we left the crime scene, I asked another officer if he knew who would clean up the mess. He said there were a couple of firemen in town who hired out for that kind of work when they were off-duty.
By turns bizarre, gruesome, philosophical, and humorous, Aftermath, Inc. is a fascinating look at crime and death as seen from a most unusual angle. I couldn't put it down.

Linda Fairstein, former chief of the sex crimes unit in the Manhattan District Attorney's office and author of the Alexandra Cooper mysteries
Aftermath gets into the underbelly of the beast that is violent crime and takes on a terrifying tour.